About me

Research Interest: Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval
Currently, I am working on NLP applications in automated fact-checking.
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Shahrood University of Technology. Also, I received my Master in Information Technology engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology.


  • [April 2022] We will organize a shared task on German text complexity assessment as a GermEval 2022 task. More information about the competition can be found here.
  • [March 2022] I have two accepted papers in LREC 2022. The first one is “MuLVE, A Multi-Language Vocabulary Evaluation Data Set” and the second one is “PerPaDa: A Persian Paraphrase Dataset based on Implicit Crowdsourcing Data Collection”. LREC 2022 will be from June 21st to 24th in Marseille, France.
  • [December 2021] Our paper on Hate Speech Identification is accepted by Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation (FIRE). The preprint version is accessible via this link
  • [September 2021] The online course on Natural Language Processing is officially published on the learning platform for artificial intelligence KI-Campus.
  • [May 2021] My online course on Natural Language Processing will be launched in summer on the learning platform for artificial intelligence KI-Campus.
  • [September 2020] Our paper titled A crowdsourcing approach to construct mono-lingual plagiarism detection corpus is published on the International Journal on Digital Libraries.
  • [July 2020] My proposal on Investigating Language Structure in Fake and Authentic Stories has been accepted as Software Campus project. It would be a joined project between the DFKI as the research partner and the ZEIT DE as the industry partner. The ZEIT.DE is a member of the Holtzbrinck publishing group which is one of the leading publishing groups in Germany with more than 2 million readers per week and 12 million users. Here is some information about the project.
  • [July 2019] I attend the Google Research Talk by Sebastian Ruder. The talk was about cross-lingual and continual transfer learning in NLP.
  • [June 2019] I attend the Google Research Talk by Jacob Devlin. The excellent talk was about BERT language model (BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding).
  • [June 2019] Our paper is accepted to present on CLEF 2019. CLEF is stand for Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum. We will present our approach for check-worthiness on CheckThat! Lab (title: The TU-Berlin Team Participation in the Check-Worthiness Task of the CLEF-2019 CheckThat! Lab).
  • [June 2019] I’ve attended QoMEX 2019. We present our paper titled: “Automated Text Readability Assessment for German Language: A Quality of Experience Approach”.
  • [May 2019] We have attended CLEF 2019 fact check shared task.